If you werent lucky enough to be a winner this time around... why dont you check out the store?

  • Merchandise

    Loving what we do here? Want to show the world your part of the exclusive SEVEN P's community? have a look at our range of merchandise. Hats, tees, jumpers, hoodies and mugs!

  • Accesories

    Seen someting on a competition you "had to have" then you'll probably find it here available to buy the good old fashioned way.

    Here you'll find soft shackles, traction boards, CB Radio kits, Winchs and even remote control crawlers plus much more!

    The cool stuff 
  • Competitions

    Ahhhh the good stuff. Like what you see in the other sections but fancy your chances at WINNING it at a fraction of the cost?

    Come on in...

    Im feeling lucky!!! 
  • Camp Gear

    Not only do we offer you the cool stuff to get you there, we can help you get settled in your home for the night.

    Home from Home 

That bit about our aims and goals

What on earth are you doing here?

Good question! Too be honest... Were not entirely sure ourselves yet! Most of you will be here due to the raffles on Facebook.

So the main aim is too create a fun SAFE enviroment for you to win some great prizes at the same great odds that have been available since 2020.

One of the most popular questions I get off people that miss the raffles is. "Where can i buy this item?"

And from now on Im hoping to give you a one stop shop for all the great items you see on the raffles.

Want to work with us?

Here at 7-P's we are all about giving back, If your a group or organisation and have a repair day planned on a By-way, Then reach out to us! We may be able to help or send some supplies to help you along the way.

Help me grow my small business

We are all about helping the small ones grow and turn your passion into a business. Reach out if you want to advertise your products on here and work with us...