The first one…. Absolutely winging it

The first one…. Absolutely winging it

Morning, not really sure what to write on here and where it will even go! So here goes nothing….

So you will probably be here from the raffles over 4x4 green laning uk. They have become that popular even 200 ticket raffles are selling out in less then 15 minutes and it’s taking me longer to refund those that didn’t get in there fast enough then it is to do the raffle!

that’s great, but also not very fair as it’s impossible to monitor exactly when payments come in to when comments make it to the Facebook post. There must be a better way…

So here we are. Hopefully this will be your one stop shop for raffles. I’ll still be doing the same great raffle prizes with the best odds in the game 🥳 but this way when the allocated amount have gone there won’t be a way for people to send more money! WHEN ITS GONE ITS GONE!  

Aswell as just raffles, I’m creating a place for you to buy what you didn’t win! I’ll even have some cool merchandise for you to rock 👌

Im looking at arranging an even this summer for all of you that have subscribed to the website. So make sure you join the Facebook Group (SEVEN P’s) as this will be the main hub for the community side of the website.

I’ll also be doing the live draws and keeping the raffle lists upto date on the Group Hub! 

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